Senior Spotlight: Savannah Fornshell

Continuing with our theme the past few weeks, we have another athlete who is not just a top-flight runner, but also a critical piece to one of the state's best running programs.  Although she comes across as sweet and very shy on this interview, I have seen Savannah race, and she is anything but passive in competition.  Her leadership has been evident in the rise of North Lincoln's team over her four-year career: she sets the pace for her teammates, and she has a way of performing best when she is needed most.  She has run #1 for her team many times, but also shares that role with sophomore Allie Castro; when that happens, Savannah becomes one of the best #2 runners in the state.  Athletes like her simply hold good teams together, and you can't have team success without at least one on your squad.  I know she and her teammates wanted so badly to win a team state championship, but they showed great class at the state meet by displaying their pride in finishing second, and fantastic sportsmanship by directly congratulating the team that beat them.  Savannah should be able to find a place to continue her running career at the next level, and I have a suspicion that she still has more room to develop as a runner.



Savannah's Athlete Profile