Senior Spotlight: Cole Rains

I've been waiting to post this interview all year, because I think Cole is a guy who deserves recognition.  Unfortunately, he has struggled through some injury problems that kept him off the radar for a lot of the fall.  I had a few conversations with him over the summer, and I know that he put a ton of effort into his training, so I can only imagine how frustrating the injury must have been; and yet, his coaches tell me that he remained positive throughout the ordeal, and took it all in stride.  I've been really pleased to see Cole back running for T.C. Roberson here at the end of the season, and hopefully he will be healthy enough to run for a new PR at Footlocker South (and carry that over into track season).  To me, Cole has always seemed very steady, both in his personality and in his running, although I admit I don't know him well.  He races with consistent pace and effort, stays within himself, and follows his plan well.  That almost methodical approach to training and racing will serve him well in the future, I think.  Cole is a top-10 returner in the 3200 (judging by all classifications), and his stated goal in the video is to bring his mile more in line with his two-mile.  If so, he will be a runner to watch this spring.


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