Raleigh Relays to Host Stacked Boys 3200m

Chris Seaton of NC State University has put together an excellent fields for this year's Raleigh Relays High School 3200m Invitational. The boy's field has 26 athletes from North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.


Chris Seaton has this to say, "As much as I did not want the boys to get that big, I could not really turn any of those guys away.  Now we just to have some good weather, and I think we may see one of the best 3200m races ever in North Carolina."

This will definitely be the top 3200m in state history . . . run in March (April, May). There is no doubt in my mind that beside the National Championships which are held in Greensboro each year, that this is the top 3200m in state history. There are a couple athletes here who look like they could be pusing sub 9:00. A host of others should be looking for times in the 9:05-9:20 range.


Those of you wanting to see the top public and private school stars from North Carolina light up the track and battle one another . . . this is your chance. On the boys side, 15 of the top 16 boys from NC during the Foot Locker South meet will all be on hand. That is an incredible stat!


Those athletes are:

Jake Hurysz, Eastern Alamance – 14:46.00 5,000m; 9:02.29 2-mile
*Foot Locker XC All-American & Runner-up at 2010 Nike Indoor Nationals in 2-mile

Blake Williams, North Durham – 9:18.01 2-mile; 4:19.70; 14:52.00 5,000m

Thomas Graham, Cary Academy – 9:27.70 3200m; 15:06.00 5,000m

Mohamed Abushouk, Cary – 9:12.36 3200; 15:10.46 5,000m

Isaac Presson, Asheville – 9:14.50 3200m; 15:13.00 5,000m; 1:55.34 800m; 4:17.96 1600m

Scott Morgan, Calvary Baptist – 9:32.70 3200m; 15:21.00 5,000m  

Sean Magee, Cardinal Gibbons – 9:32.56 3,200m; 15:34.00 5,000m

Jack Anderson, Reagan – 15:33.08 5,000m; 9:35.80 3200m

Patrick Crawford, East Forsyth – 15:23.44 5,000m; 9:27.20 3200m

Bobby Mintz, Cary Christian – 9:21.00 3200m; 15:41 5,000m

Ryan Walling, Green Hope – 15:49.00 5,000m; 9:35.02 3200m

Mark Sullivan, Cardinal Gibbons – 9:23.80 3200m; 15:54.00 5,000m

Graham Crawford, Walter Williams – 9:38.00 3200m; 15:57.00 5,000m

Carl Ward, Durham Academy – 15:53.30 5,000m; 4:24.69 1600m

Rolland Geiger, Middle Creek – 9:29.06 3000m; 1:57.72 800m; 15:58.00 5,000m


That's a great list, but let's add more of NC's top athletes into the mix. State champions, fast PR's, and top national finishes:

Mitch Mallory, Wakefield – 9:16.11 3200m

Bryan Spreitzer, Green Hope – 9:28.21 3200m; 15:26.19 5,000m

Fred Ward, Durham Academy – 9:26.63 3200m

Jack Klecker, Ardrey Kell – 9:38.24 3200m; 4:20.90 1600m; 15:52.00 5,000m

John Harwell, Asheville  - 9:28.96 2-mile; 4:20.29 1600m

Pierre Malherbe, Broughton – 9:28.60 3200m; 15:50.95 5,000m

Scott Foy, Charlotte Country Day – 15:51.46 5,000m; 1:55.68 800m; 9:54.00 3200m


Finally, let's not overlook the athletes Chris Seaton has been able to bring in from out of the state. This list is topped by Colin Mearns of Virginia who just won the 1-mile run at the NSIC meet this past weekend.

Colin Mearns, Jamestown (VA) – 9:13.74 3200m; 15:07.00 5,000m; 4:13.08 1-mile
*National Scholastic Indoor Champion at 1-mile distance in 2010

Michael Mansy, Science Hill (TN) – 9:23.82 2-mile; 4:19.97 1-mile; 15:24.00 5,000m

Brent Coulter, Landstown (VA) – 9:39.20 3200m

Brad Shultis, Mountain View (VA) – 16:07.00 5,000m; 9:44.13 3200m