NCHSAA XC Class Returning Rankings With 2021 Realignment!

We've updated our database to have the new NCHSAA 2021-2025 Final Realignment set up as a filter in our league rankings!  Since there was no official NCHSAA season, we don't have indoor returning rankings to sift through, but we do have cross-country team scores and individual returning rankings!  The realignment as of now just outlines conferences and state classifications for NCHSAA schools.  Regional assignments for track and cross country will come at a later date.

The main NCHSAA Realignment change from the 20/30/30/20 percent rule for each of the four classes.  Now each classification will hold 25% of the NCHSAA schools based off school size.  What does this mean for XC?  You can see the new rankings linked below!

Boys TeamGirls TeamBoys IndividualGirls Individual

1A Boys Team 

1A Girls Team 

1A Boys Individual

1A Girls Individual


2A Boys Team

2A Girls Team 

2A Boys Individual

2A Girls Individual


3A Boys Team 

3A Girls Team 

3A Boys Individual

3A Girls Individual


4A Boys Team 

4A Girls Team 

4A Boys Individual

4A Girls Individual