Jace's Journey Invite Registration Closes Noon Thursday

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The Jace's Journey Track Invitational is now set for only Sunday June 12 at Mountain Island Charter School in Mount Holly, North Carolina. Mount Holly is just west of Charlotte.  

Like the Donna Davis Invitational, the event will be hosted by Team Charlotte Premier Track Club and will also have Live Results by Big Kahuna Timing! Entries close July 9 at noon.

The event has been approved by Gaston County Health and Human Services Department, as long as the state safety procedures are followed.

Register for the Jace's Journey Track Invitational

Live Results

Location: Mountain Island Charter School 

Address: 13440 Lucia Riverbend Hwy, Mt Holly, NC 28120

Meet Director: Robert Washington 

Cost: $10.00 Per Event

Spectators:  $5.00 each (maximum of 2 spectators per athlete, coaches count as a spectator. If an athlete has 2 spectators those spectators must be from the same household )

Instructions: Registration is only through NC MileSpilt with fee payment via PayPal. If you do not have a MileSplit account go to https://nc.milesplit.com, click Login, click Register/Sign up and create your account. Once you register there will be No Refunds!! Payment must be received during the time of the registration. You will not receive an immediate entry confirmation. DO NOT PAY TWICE! Refunds are not available. Email rwashington@micharter.org for entry confirmation. To create a PayPal account, go to https://www.paypal.com/us/home, click Login/Sign up and follow the instructions to create your account.

Event Max Per Athlete: 4

Eligible Athletes: 1. High School Boys and Girls (Middle School athletes are welcomed but must run.with High School athletes) 2. Youth athletes in the following age divisions: 7-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-13 years old. There are limits to the number of participants per event.

Entry Deadline is Thursday, July 9 @ 12:00 Noon. All athletes participate as Unattached (UNA) .

Athletes will electronically sign the Jace's Journey Track Invitational waiver form upon registration. Spectators will sign the waiver form at screening before being allowed to enter the track

July 12th- Sunday
Gate Opens: 8 am (Only for assigned group)
Start time: 9 am (A detailed schedule will be released once entries close on July 9th at Noon) (Middle school athletes are allowed to enter but must run with High School athletes)
HS Boys and Girls Long Jump
HS Boys and Girls Shot Put
HS Boys and Girls Triple Jump
HS 100 Meter Hurdles
HS 110 Meter Hurdles
HS 1600 Meter Run
Youth and HS 100 Meter Dash
Youth and HS 400 Meter Dash
HS 800 Meter Run
Youth and HS 200 Meter Dash

Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) will be provided for all running events. Live Results will be available through www.bigkahunatiming.com and MileSplit NC.


1. Are allowed a maximum of two spectators (Coaches count as spectators) If an athlete has two spectators those spectators must come from the same household in order to maintain control of social distancing in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. You must bring a facial mask to cover your face when you are not competing.  You will not need to wear face covering when you are competing. Only before and after you cool down.

2. Must bring your own water bottle (Water will be provided to Refill bottles)

3. Will be screened by having temperatures taken with non-oral thermometer

4. Must bring your own Sanitizer and Sanitize hands before and after races

1. Must wear a mask or facial covering while in the facility.
2. Will be screened at the entry.
3. Will be screened when entering the Gates by having temperature taken
4. Must practice social distancing for personal safety and in showing respect for others. No stadium seating!!!
5. Coaches count toward athletes spectator number

Facility Rules: Check in procedure Each event has a designated screening/check-in time. You will not be able to enter the track before the previous events athletes and spectators have cleared the facility. Spectators/coaches are required to check in at the same time as their athletes. You will not be admitted separately. There is a maximum of two spectators per athlete. Athletes have already signed waiver forms during registration. Spectators must also sign a waiver at screening/check-in. Download and complete one to bring with you to shorten your time spent in screening. The waiver is available at www.bigkahunatiming.com under the Results tab. No coaches/spectators are allowed on the track or in the infield. Coaches must remain in the spectator area. The meet will be conducted using high school rules. (Coaches, Athletes, Staff, and spectators). Any items used during the meet, should be sanitized after every use, or change of hands. Once coaches, athletes, spectators, event staff enter the facility they can't leave the campus. Rest rooms will be available inside the building