Six Impressions From Providence Invitational

Weddington Boys Are As Advertised

Weddington kicked off their 2018 season in dominant fashion.  They ran without 1:53/4:16/15:53 man Kyle Durham who was taking the SAT and posted a 3-6-7-8-12 finish with a 16:05 average. They returned their entire top 5 from last year and had a season best average of 16:08.  Last year the team lacked depth beyond their 5th man with a 45 second gap from 5 to 6.  Saturday their gap back to their 6th, who is likely the 7th with Durham in the lineup, was just 28 seconds.  The addition of freshman star Nate Jaster and big improvement from youngsters Carson Mann and Joseph Lowther gives the team the depth they'll need this fall.

Last years #5 man Jake Toomey was the teams top runner on Saturday dropping a 24 second PR to run 15:55, the fastest time from a North Carolina boy this fall.  By years end this team is likely going to have 6 guys capable of finishing as the teams top runner with a very tight spread amongst their top 7.  Obviously it's still early in the year, but Weddington currently ranks out as the top team in the United States in our database.  

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