The Votes are In! NCISAATFCCCA Cross Country Athletes and Coaches of the Year!

This cross country season marks the first season of the NCISAATFCCCA.  The NCISAATFCCCA is the first and only coaches association in the NCISAA.  Below you can find the first NCISAATFCCCA Cross Country Athletes and Coaches of the year for every classification.  

The NCISAA Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association is focused on improving the experience for all of our athletes and coaches.  As a part of our mission and vision, we are pleased to announce some well-deserved recognition for several of our Cross Country athletes and coaches.  Based upon performances throughout the fall season as well as supporting information with regards to leadership and contributions to their team and the sport in general, we are recognizing for the first time, the NCISAATFCCCA Athletes of the Year and Coaches of the Year.  The coaches association has decided to recognize one male and one female Athlete of the Year from each 1A, 2A and 3A, and one Coach of the Year from 1A, 2A and 3A.  The following athletes and coaches have been identified by the NCISAATFCCCA Board to represent the qualities of excellence, commitment and leadership for the 2016 Cross Country season:

NCISAATFCCCA Cross Country Athletes of the Year:


Girls 1A: Morgan Lane (Jr), Community Christian School

Boys 1A: Quinn Schneider (Sr), Woodlawn School


Girls 2A: Melissa Zammitti (Sr), Davidson Day School

Boys 2A: Will Sossaman (Jr), Grace Christian Academy


Girls 3A: Sarah Bodmer (Sr), Cary Academy

Boys 3A: Coleman Mitchell (Jr), Cary Academy


NCISAATFCCCA Cross Country Coaches of the Year:


1A:  Dwayne Bowman, Woodlawn School

2A:  Mark Driscoll, Carolina Day School

3A:  Conrad Hall, Cary Academy