Is Anna Cockrell The G.O.A.T in NC?

To some it seems like a simple question: who is the Greatest Of All Time, the G.O.A.T.?  And yet, debate rages daily on this subject in all sports, from internet message boards to local barber shops across the country.  Every generation has their own candidates, and sometimes it can be very hard to compare them over big gaps of time.  Making things even more complex, the standards for the discussion are often very subjective.  It becomes even harder when the memory of one potential G.O.A.T. is fresh in our minds, while the comparisons are more distance.  Such is the case with Anna Cockrell, whose incredible list of accomplishments would seem to make her a shoe-in.  But is she really the greatest ever?

Despite these obstacles, we're going to try to answer that question, with a little help from all of you!  We've narrowed down the contenders in four event groups (sprints & hurdles, distance, jumps. and throws), we've made the case for each of them, and now we need your input!  Make your voice heard this week:

Round 1 (Monday & Tuesday): VOTE for the G.O.A.T. in each event group


Sprints & Hurdles - Distance - Jumps - Throws

Round 2 (Wednesday & Thursday): VOTE for the Overall Female G.O.A.T. for NC

Results will be announced on Friday at 11 AM!  

So scroll through the slides to see the contenders by category, and then cast your votes!