Hill & Campbell All-Americans

Ryan Hill of Hickory finished 11th in 15:32

Hill post race interview

Patrick Campbell of Mooresville came across in 15:38 for 14th.

Campbell post race interview 

Both Ryan Hill and Patrick Campbell can now be talked about among the most elite names in North Carolina's racing history.


Only twice before has North Carolina placed 2 boys in the top 15 at the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships.


Here's a list of the results from the 10 years. Check out the fine company that both athletes join.


*Note: 2004 was the first year that 40 boys began racing, prior to that it was 32.


2007 - Ryan Hill, 11th; Patrick Campbell, 14th

2006 - Ryan Hill, 26th

2005 - Jack Bolas, 6th

2004 - Sandy Roberts, 16th; Jack Bolas, 31st

2003 - Nick Hutchins, 19th; Erick Mack, 23rd

2002 - Matt Debole, 5th; Bobby Mack, 11th

2001 - Milos Mitric, 6th; Matt Debole, 16th

2000 - None 

1999 - Stephen Haas, 11th; Ricky Brookshire, 14th

1998 - Bradsher Wilkins, 16th; Josh Baker, 25th; Nick Mangum, 33rd

1997 - Bradsher Wilkins, 23rd; Josh Baker, 26th; Joe Lion, 30th