Expanding the Database...Backward! Adding Historical Data

Team and individual performances like these will be incorporated into the NCRunners database in a long-term process.


In addition to covering all the major cross country meets in the state this fall (as well as a lot of the not-quite-major-but-still-important-to-the participants meets), NCRunners will also embark on a historical project.  With the permission of NCPrepTrack founder and operator George Phillips, who has kept extensive records on North Carolina high school running, NCRunners will be adding past results to our database.  The process will start with the addition of all cross country state meets, both NCHSAA and NCISAA, and then will continue with indoor and outdoor state meet results.  Eventually (and we're not sure how long all this will take), we hope to incorporate the complete history of all regionals, major invitationals, and other important meets.  The goal is to be able to extend our database, which is already the best record of track and cross country performances in our state over the last 7 years, all the way back through the history of the sports we love.

On a personal note, this is only possible because of a small network of volunteers that have already spent hours to the benefit of NCRunners.  All of them learned to use RaceTab and helped to convert poorly-formatted track results for use in our database last spring, and they have all committed more time to help with this project.  I'm not sure if all of them would want to be recognized publicly, so I will thank them profusely as a group: I am extremely grateful that there are folks out there that are willing to help me put the best information on the site.  If any of these volunteers want to claim their fair share of the credit for this, they can comment on this article.

If you would like to join these volunteers in converting historical results to a format that can be used by our database, you can contact me at the email address found on the bottom of every NCRunners page.


Check Out NCPrepTrack, the site that compiles the North Carolina All-Time Performances that NCRunners references in articles and on Twitter.