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Pfafftown, NC

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2 days ago Team scores at NC Elite
@gatorhill45 The show now on the formatted results. Jason
11 days ago Individual runner
@Austere579 it doesn't matter who signs him up as an unattached athlete so whatever is easiest fo...
19 days ago Registration
@1535559104 Wendy's meet director sends out spreadsheets to coaches. I believe those were alread...
19 days ago Merging Profiles
@coach_eazy [url=http://nc.milesplit.com/athletes/7783374#.W6vLwBNKj-Y]http://nc.milesplit.com/at...
20 days ago Merging Profiles
@coach_eazy what is his name and two schools?
1 month ago Registration
@Dontonio you can reach out to him at l_mcafee_2000@yahoo.com
3 months ago Top 25 XC Countdown
Sorry for the delay of Top 25 XC Countdown last few days. Have been moving the last few days and...
4 months ago USATF JO nationals
@elgin top 5 advances. Advancers are below http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/316613/results/59815...
4 months ago Results
@carterf07 Not sure what meet you are referring to, but our results can be found here. http://nc....
5 months ago Automatic Timing for practice
I know there is an app for smartphones that's pretty accurate.. isn't FAT but the finish is prett...
5 months ago Saturday 4A/2A
The 2A/4A State Championship is still scheduled for Saturday. The NCHSAA told coaches and ADs th...
5 months ago NCHSAA 1A State Championship 2018
@garryb isn't there an issue with NCHSAA schools not being allowed to compete on Sundays?
5 months ago NCHSAA 1A State Championship 2018
I reach out to the NCHSAA to ask what the protocol would be and did not hear back. Jason
5 months ago Performance list
Yes, would imagine that isn't the issue in the delay. 1A & 3A were finished yesterday. With 2A ...
5 months ago Performance list
@sd84 NCHSAA 2A Virtual meet works for me. You just need to selected the NCHSAA 2A as the League...
5 months ago NCHSAA 4A State Championship 2018
2018 Schedule is posted
5 months ago 10.13 Really???
I've left an update in the article. Unfortunately the time was not valid due to a sensor issue i...
5 months ago NCHSAA 3A Midwest Regional 2018
There were no live results from this meet
5 months ago NCHSAA 4A East Regional 2018
@oldwv http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/303831/entries/591117#.WvHb89MvxN0
5 months ago NCHSAA 2A Mideast Regional 2018
@ghandy @garryb that method would work if you're regional director rejected seeds in MileSplit be...
5 months ago NCHSAA 4A Midwest Regional 2018
They only sent girls, I let them know and haven't gotten boys yet.
5 months ago NCHSAA 1A East Regional 2018
@pittcoach send me an email. jason.creasy11@gmail.com and I can look into it. Give me more info ...
5 months ago 2A West Regional high jump rankings
I guess coaches were doing this to break ties in RaceTab for team score purposes? I will fix thos...
5 months ago Top Hurdler from Indoor
@inspector Josh Brockman competed last weekend at the NCRunners Elite Invitational. He's run for...
6 months ago NCHSAA 2A Mideast Regional 2018
@mmclean removed
6 months ago Frosh/Soph Invitational 2018
@garryb Yes, that's the right process. I normally try to refresh seeds as reg. closes if I'm hom...
6 months ago Frosh/Soph Invitational 2018
@JonBeyle I will fix that for you, and yes you can pay cash the day of the meet
6 months ago NCRunners Middle School Elite Invitational 2018
@shelleymikszan send me an email. Deadline was Noon, but I had to go in and fix something. let m...
6 months ago NCRunners Middle School Elite Invitational 2018
@Deiselio if you have an athlete with a significant seed increase from a meet his week shoot me a...
6 months ago Regional Alignment: XC vs. Track & Field
Yes, there are only one or two differences in 3A & 4A and a good amount of changes in the 1A & 2A...
6 months ago NCRunners Middle School Elite Invitational 2018
@joeydeakens will release final schedule early next week once we sort through final entries. Sta...
6 months ago Mideastern Conference Championships 2018
@garryb I added the event Jason
6 months ago NCRunners Middle School Elite Invitational
The coaches entered the HS by mistake instead of the middle school. I.E. Watagua HS instead of W...
6 months ago Albemarle Athletic Conference Track Championship 2018
@adowning go back and reenter the meet, didn't show your team entered in any divisions so I had t...
6 months ago Apex Lions' Relays
You're correct. I think I misunderstood someone from Apex on this. Fixed in the intro now.
6 months ago East Regional 2A rankings
@tonydawg9 sorry about that. Added the new regions before XC season. Either missed them by mist...
6 months ago East Regional 2A rankings
@craigdan61 If you've entered them into the regional they're in the rankings. The rankings page ...
6 months ago Meet Missing from Rankings
added, sorry for missing those the other day
10 months ago Foot Locker Formatting
All the high school events are in, if there is someone missing from any of the high school events...
10 months ago Foot Locker Formatting
@blakelyh which age groups are missing? I can add those that aren't there
11 months ago Entry list for Wake County meet at JDL
@jsanmiguel @polkcounty http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/283086/entries/560515#.WiGVb7Q-eu5
11 months ago Hoka One One Postal Nationals - Dash for Doobie 3200m 2017
**3200 Heat Schedule** Elite Girls - 7:25pm Elite Boys - 7:05pm Girls Heat 5 - 6:45pm B...
11 months ago Reagan Polar Bear 2017
@2000waynejones Link is on he Dash for Doobie meet page http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/281910/in...
11 months ago JDL All-Comers Meet 2016
12 months ago 1A/2A Indoor State Meet?????
Looks like the information on our meet page is correct and was updated by the NCHSAA http://n...
12 months ago NCHSAA 3A East Regional 2017
I believe top 10 is all region. There is a number of teams that will advance that the NCHSAA wil...
1 year ago # of XC Regional Qualifying Teams for State Meet
As far as I know, 2.25 rounds up, so it would be 3 teams at the state meet. Though I agree a 4 t...
1 year ago Wendy's Invitational 2017
7, meet information is posted on the meet page.
@xchistorynerd what meet is this for
1 year ago Pam Pack Invitational 2017
I would post them if I had them. I've emailed asking for them. I posted all results as soon as ...