South View Polar Bear #1

Fayetteville, NC
Hosted by South View

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

PLEASE READ THIS STUFF.Pre-Meet and Registration Need-to-know info:These meets are open for all Cumberland County Schools (PAC-9 Conference schools). These meets are open to schools outside Cumberland County, as well. Space is limited. Extra schools will be allowed to come based on a first email/first serve basis. Entry Information:oEntry fee is $1 per athlete. This covers the overhead cost for SROs, clean-up, supplies and the data entry worker. Ask each athlete to give you a dollar and put it in an envelope. Turn it in when you pick up your meet packet. If you bring 30 kids, your entry is $30. We try to make it where the kids have some skin in the game. Even our kids pay. If you want to pay with a school check, that is your choice.oWe will use HYTEK (or RACETAB), so entries will take time. Entries must be received by the meet director by 11:59PM, the Wednesday before the competition date.oENTRIES MUST BE DONE IN MILESPIT. GO TO THE CALENDAR, FIND THE MEET AND ENTER EACH ATHLETE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE EVENTS. PLEASE BE REALISTIC WHEN ENTERING THEIR TIMES/MARKS.oYOU NEED A PASSWORD TO GET INTO THE MEET. EMAIL IF YOU WANT THAT PASSWORD. THIS IS TO AVOID US GOING OVER THE 400 ATHLETE LIMIT.oEntries must be submitted online and on time.oThere is a limit of eight (8) entries for laned individual events (55H, 55m, 300m). oThere is a limit of eight (8) entries for all field events.oThere are no limits on entries in open (non-laned) events (500, 1000, 1600, 3200). oThere is a limit of three (3) squads for each relay event. oLETS AVOID WRITE-INS!!! It is a polar bear meet, so we want to be flexible, but please try to reduce write-ins. If you have additional athletes, make sure they are in the database of milesplit.oBRING YOUR YOUNG ATHLETES!!! Its a polar bear meet, not the Olympics. It is a great opportunity for your younger athletes to compete and learn. Coach Responsibilities:We require a coach from each school to be at the finish line to assist timing laned events. oIt is each coachs responsibility to have their own stopwatch. oIf a coach or coaches from a school is/are assisting with a field event, or as the starter, etc. they do not have to time events. If a coach finished with their respective field event, any help they can offer at the finish would be appreciated (if needed).oIf a school has athletes in a laned event, but is not assisting with the meet, the meet director reserves the right to disallow his/her team to run those events. All coaches need to bring measuring tapes, stopwatches, clipboards, etc.Other Need-to-Know:The uniform code may be relaxed due to the weather or other issues.Results will be emailed to Only athletes warming up or competing will be allowed on the infield. Please remind your athletes of the electronics rule within the field of play.Please speak with your athletes about respecting the bathrooms and facility as a whole. Reid Ross Classical School is located at 3200 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301.Questions? Email Coach Jesse L. Autry at .