Meet Information

Parking: All team buses are to drop off their athletes at the 1st parking lot and park at the Greer Lab/Expo parking lot across from Zack Forks Rd. A shuttle bus will return you to the soccer complex.

The 3 parking lots at the soccer complex are for parents and spectators. Please advise your parents that they are not to park on the street or on private land. They risk having their car towed. We will have parking lot attendants to assist your parents/spectators with parking.

Concessions will not be available.

Inclement weather: In the case that the meet has to be canceled due to the weather, we will make a decision by 10am on Monday and send out an email to all coaches.

Thanks for your participation. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Please contact Coach Jimmy Fuller at 828-320-3776 if you have any questions.