Meet Information

REVISED MEET SCHEDULE9:30 AM- 10:15 AM- Scratches- Scratches can be made at the finish line tent.10:00 AM- 10:45 AM- Pole Vault weigh-in at the Pole Vault Pit10:00 AM- 10:45 AM- Implement weigh-in between the throwing rings.10:00 AM- Officials' Meeting, Finish Line Tent10:30 AM- Coaches Meeting, Finish Line Tent11:00 AM Field Events Pole Vault- Girls followed by Boys High Jump- Girls followed by Boys Discus- Girls followed by Boys Shot Put- Boys followed by Girls Long Jump- Girls and Boys followed by the Girls and Boys Triple Jump11:30 AM Girls 4x800m Relay- Final Boys 4x800m Relay- Final12:00 AM Sprint Prelims Girls 100m HH- Prelim Boys 110m HH- Prelim Girls 100m Dash- Prelim Boys 100m Dash- Prelim1:15 PM Running Events Girls 100m HH- Final Boys 110m HH- Final Girls 100m Dash- Final Girls Wheelchair 100m Dash- Final Boys 100m Dash- Final Boys Wheelchair 100m Dash - Final Girls 4x200m Relay- Final Boys 4x200m Relay- Final Girls 1600m Run- Final Boys 1600m Run- Final Girls 4x100m Relay- Final Boys 4x100m Relay- Final Girls 400m Dash- Final Girls Wheelchair 400m Dash - Final Boys 400m Dash- Final Girls 300m IMH- Final Boys 300m IMH- Final Girls 800m Run- Final Girls Wheelchair 800m Run- Final Girls 800m Run- Final Girls 200m Dash- Final Girls Wheelchair 200m Dash- Final Boys 200m Dash- Final Girls 3200m Run- Final Boys 3200m Run- Final Girls 4x400m Relay- Final Girls 4x400m Relay- Final1. Bus parking- Please follow signs and directions upon entering the parking lot. 2. Tents are not permitted in the bleachers or stands. Team tents can be set up along the fence behind the home stands or the patio near the upper concession stand. 3. Implement weigh-in will take place at the goal post between the shot and discus rings. 4. Pole vault weigh-in will take place a the pole vault pit. 4. Lunch will be provided for coaches.5. The NCHSAA Regional t-shirts will be available for sale near the upper concession stand. 6. First aid/Trainer tent will be on the infield near the finish line area.7. Only coaches who are working the meet will be allowed in the event areas, except for designated coachs boxes.8. Scratches can be made prior to the Coaches Meeting at 9:30 am by going to the finish line tent. Please help us by scratching prior to the coaches meeting if possible. 9. Uniform Rules are in full effect. Please do as much preventative officiating as possible before the meet. Weve worn these all year is not an excuse to violate the rule at the Championship Meets. If you have questions about the uniforms, please let me know ahead of time. 10. Starting heights: TBD