NCHSAA 4A Indoor State Championship Meet 2018

  • Coach
    I truly want to believe that ALL coaches are sincere when submitting times from polar bear meets, but in reality that's probably not the case. Some may enter false times purposely in order to give certain athletes an opportunity to run in States, but some probably do it inadvertently when timing short events like the 55 dashes/hurdles. I've been to too many meets where timers were actually using cell phones as stop watches in sprints. SMH. Meets using hand/eye coordination in addition to trusting that coaches follow the rules of rounding up in the tenths (when necessary) and using the PROPER exchange zones in the 4 x 200 is ridiculous and bad for our sport. I agree. If we want the best to run against the best in indoors; only FAT times should be permitted. I understand that some schools may not get opportunities to run at JDL or other indoor facilities, but that's another issue for another time. If we really want to make it an INDOOR championship- every athlete should be measured by the same measuring stick and that's F.A.T times in an indoor facility. POINT BLANK. I suppose . that after analyzing this weekend's results - time will tell (PUN INTENDED)!
  • Ravens Track and Field
    The problem with hand time is coaches not using a stop watch, but the biggest is coaches don't know how to convert. Example in the 55 the time is 6.54 that means you have to run under 6.3 then round up to 6.3 then add .24. So if the state wont go to F.A.T only there needs to be a hand held standard faster then F.A.T standard in all sprints and relays. There are to many coaches not being honest about the kids time when doing hand timing. If you compare some of the time indoor vs polar bear it is ridiculous how much faster some for these time in polar bear meets in cold weather.
  • User
    Here's an example of what you are talking about. This athlete never came close to the qualifying time in the girls 55 dash at an F.A.T meet. But look at her last Polar Bear meet time! 7.24!? That means someone clocked her at 7.00 or 6.9 on a stopwatch! Most of the converted Polar Bear meet times are close to her F.A.T times, but that last one was obviously done to get her into the state meet.

    7.24 North Meck Home Meet Jan 31, 2018 - Feb 1, 2018 1st Finals >
    7.75 RHFitPro HS Elite Invitational Jan 26, 2018 - Jan 27, 2018 47th Prelims >
    7.66 Champion Fast Track High School Invitational Jan 13, 2018 26th Prelims >
    7.54 North Mecklenburg Polar Bear Dec 5, 2017 1st Finals >
    8.14 West Meck Polar Bear #1 Nov 29, 2017 10th Finals >
    7.64 Harding Polar Bear Home Meet 1 Nov 21, 2017 2nd Finals >
    7.90 Mecklenburg Meet
  • User
    Why have standards? It really is a slap in the face to individuals who have made fully automatic times! Finally, it never fails. Two weeks out from states. Everybody hosts polar bear meets and we all know what happens. Inevitably, a whole lot of individuals make states. However, you cannot blame coaches for this. They are just gaming the system. Common guys, these coaches just have their athletes peaking at precisely the right time! Unfortunately, they never seem to peak again! They get to states and are out of their element. Then you hear the excuses: 1) They just had a bad race. 2) They did not have an opportunity to train a week out from states. 3) They suffered an injury two days prior to states 4) They were just too far away from home and it affected their emotional state... Blah Blah Blah!