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Anna Cockrell (Providence Day, lane 5) is North Carolina's newest hurdle star with her US #6 ranking.
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    Girls Shot Put - Please take another look at India Mcwhorter's stats. I think her 39-04.5 at the Mountaineer Indoor Open would earn her 3rd place in this listing. (Unless they did the SP outdoors at that meet?)
  • Jonathan Sherbourne
    Brook Shelton vaulted 12'05" at Liberty and is going there on a sweet scholarship. I must inform you that she did not compete for Ledford this indoor season at any time and may not compete for them this outdoor season. So I do not know why you put Ledford beside her name. Just wanting to point that out to you.

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    Are you saying the athlete is not getting credit/acknowledgement, or that the "coach" is not receiving credit/acknowledgement?
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    @StengthCoach Each of our athletes has a "default" setting for team, and unless the program is informed that something different should be entered, it always reverts to that setting. In Brooke's case, the default is Ledford. If it becomes clear that she does not compete for her school in the spring, I will change her over to another setting.

    In the meantime, I can go back and correct the particular performance that has the error. Thanks for letting me know!