NCHSAA 2A Girls Virtual Meet Using State Meet Qualifiers Only

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NCHSAA State Championships are this weekend! Make sure you're signed up to watch the event LIVE through MileSplit Universal!  The event will be live on FloTrack!

I've went through and scratched all athletes that did not advance to the NCHSAA State Championships.  If there is anything I missed shoot me an email and let me know and I can fix,  But the team scores at the bottom show reflect an accurate virtual meet using athletes seasons best.  I've also converted Mile PBs to 1600 PBs. 

100 Meter Dash

1Tahalia Fairman2019Southwest Onslow12.28 10
2Allysia Farrar2020Cummings, Hugh M.12.44 8
3Micaiah Darity2019Hendersonville12.53 6
4Kianna McCandies2018Lexington12.56 5
5Aundrea Morgan2017Pasquotank County12.57 4
6Nicole Barnes2018T.W. Andrews12.59 3
7Amberine Brown2018Currituck County12.66 2
8Destiny Benson2018Lake Norman Charter School12.68 0.5
8Kayla Smith2020Lincolnton12.68 0.5
SCRKennedie Gaither2020Parkwood12.60 --
SCRTrista Taylor2019Parkwood12.75 --
SCRAlyssa Godbey2019North Brunswick12.80 --
SCRKe'Andrea Walters2018Kinston12.80 --
SCRKameron Skeen2017Thomasville12.82 --
SCRBrianna Sanders2019North Brunswick12.83 --
SCRChioma Asiegbunam2019Lake Norman Charter School12.83 --
SCRDominic Simmons2017Hertford County12.85 --
SCRNijhe Akerele2020Parkwood12.87 --
SCRAlana Stevenson2018Holmes, John A12.88 --
SCRTrinity Gatewood2019Forest Hills12.90 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Zacora McKnight2017T.W. Andrews24.86 10
2Peighton Simmons2017T.W. Andrews25.29 8
3Tahalia Fairman2019Southwest Onslow25.46 6
4Payton Russell2017North Rowan25.68 5
5Ke'Andrea Walters2018Kinston25.90 4
6Kennedie Gaither2020Parkwood25.98 3
7Simi Gbadegesin2017Durham School of the Arts26.05 2
8Allysia Farrar2020Cummings, Hugh M.26.19 1
SCREmily Brinson2018NC School of Science & Math25.97 --
SCRKameron Skeen2017Thomasville26.11 --
SCRKianna McCandies2018Lexington26.31 --
SCRMicaiah Darity2019Hendersonville26.58 --
SCRCiseley Brown2019T.W. Andrews26.74 --
SCRTrista Taylor2019Parkwood26.79 --
SCRAvion Williams2019Hendersonville26.87 --
SCRCelia Richmond2019Brevard26.87 --
SCRIzzy Jackson2019Polk County26.91 --
SCRKimore' Ingram2019Forest Hills26.96 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Payton Russell2017North Rowan56.93 10
2Simi Gbadegesin2017Durham School of the Arts58.96 8
3Kennedie Gaither2020Parkwood59.16 6
4Izzy Jackson2019Polk County59.56 5
5Ciseley Brown2019T.W. Andrews59.58 4
6Emily Brinson2018NC School of Science & Math1:00.26 3
7Celia Richmond2019Brevard1:00.70 2
8Aale'Yah Garris2020Ayden-Grifton1:01.32 1
SCRTrinity Gatewood2019Forest Hills1:00.56 --
SCRRaven Seldon2017Lake Norman Charter School1:00.70 --
SCRAlex Rodman2018First Flight1:00.81 --
SCRKaleigh Hanson2019Croatan1:01.15 --
SCRKe'Andrea Walters2018Kinston1:01.25 --
SCRT'eira Thomas2018Monroe1:01.78 --
SCRJaida Torain2018Cummings, Hugh M.1:02.23 --
SCRZiya Bradby2018Durham School of the Arts1:02.27 --
SCRMadeline Duncan2017Currituck County1:02.31 --
SCRAleshia Tisho2018Smoky Mountain1:02.46 --
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800 Meter Run

1Kaleigh Hanson2019Croatan2:20.29 10
2Alex Rodman2018First Flight2:21.33 8
3Izzy Evely2018Lake Norman Charter School2:21.92 6
4Erin Duke2019West Stokes2:24.87 5
5Aleshia Tisho2018Smoky Mountain2:25.74 4
6Destiny Stevons2017Durham School of the Arts2:25.80 3
7India Godlock2017Polk County2:26.74 2
8Madisun Shore2018Forbush2:27.94 1
SCRAnna Bristle2018Parkwood2:26.60 --
SCRAriana Garcia2017East Duplin2:27.60 --
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1,600 Meter Run

1Anna Bristle2018Parkwood5:02.70 10
2Mariah Howlett2018Lake Norman Charter School5:03.80 8
3Izzy Evely2018Lake Norman Charter School5:15.00 6
4Ariana Garcia2017East Duplin5:18.83 5
5Amber Opp2017Draughn5:26.00 4
6Caroline Hilliard2018Bunker Hill5:28.39 3
7Lefler McManus2017West Stanly5:30.43 2
8Halei Ward2018Ayden-Grifton5:30.87 1
SCRAnna-Kathryn Kilby2018Forbush5:18.29 --
SCRAinsley Lay2019Lake Norman Charter School5:29.50 --
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3,200 Meter Run

1Mariah Howlett2018Lake Norman Charter School10:37.39 10
2Anna Bristle2018Parkwood11:13.27 8
3Anna-Kathryn Kilby2018Forbush11:14.65 6
4Ariana Garcia2017East Duplin11:46.03 5
5Halei Ward2018Ayden-Grifton11:54.00 4
6Grace Rogers2017Durham School of the Arts12:01.48 3
7Sarah Faith McAllister2019Bandys12:04.10 2
8Ava Findlay2018Brevard12:09.06 1
SCRAmber Opp2017Draughn11:47.00 --
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Kayla Moore2017Cummings, Hugh M.13.98 10
2Nicole Barnes2018T.W. Andrews14.50 8
3Kenyae Majors2017Cummings, Hugh M.14.86 6
4Kelsia Moore2018Cummings, Hugh M.14.92 5
5Keyana Yeoman2019North Brunswick15.42 4
6Hevan Sparks2018Lexington15.80 3
7Joya Blackwell2017Hertford County15.89 2
8Nautika Newton2020North Pitt16.78 1
SCRNetanya Linares2019Parkwood15.51 --
SCRScout Hayashi2018NC School of Science & Math16.49 --
SCRAngel Bowden2020Durham School of the Arts16.53 --
SCRShaniya Byers2019Bunker Hill16.63 --
SCRAnna Yokote2019Hendersonville16.70 --
SCRAshley Teilborg2018Dixon16.76 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Zacora McKnight2017T.W. Andrews44.21 10
2Netanya Linares2019Parkwood46.57 8
3Keyana Yeoman2019North Brunswick46.66 6
4Kayla Moore2017Cummings, Hugh M.47.36 5
5Kenyae Majors2017Cummings, Hugh M.47.90 4
6Mya Jones2017Newton-Conover48.09 3
7Lahshanell Ennis2017Carver48.10 2
8Brianna Nachtigal2019Parkwood49.40 1
SCRNicole Barnes2018T.W. Andrews47.57 --
SCRHevan Sparks2018Lexington48.35 --
SCRKimore' Ingram2019Forest Hills49.18 --
SCRAngel Bowden2020Durham School of the Arts49.29 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1T.W. Andrews48.54 10
2Parkwood49.08 8
3Lake Norman Charter School49.78 6
4Pasquotank County50.44 5
5Hendersonville50.45 4
6Lexington50.68 3
7Franklinton50.81 2
8Forest Hills50.84 1
SCRCummings, Hugh M.48.75 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1T.W. Andrews1:42.38 10
2Parkwood1:44.42 8
3Hendersonville1:46.42 6
4North Brunswick1:46.52 5
5Cummings, Hugh M.1:46.71 4
6Lexington1:47.20 3
7Forest Hills1:47.50 1
7Kinston1:47.50 1
7Southwest Onslow1:47.50 1
SCRDurham School of the Arts1:47.16 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Lake Norman Charter School4:09.77 10
2Croatan4:12.00 8
3Durham School of the Arts4:14.00 6
4Polk County4:14.80 5
5Cummings, Hugh M.4:16.21 4
6Lexington4:16.52 3
7West Stokes4:16.67 2
8North Rowan4:17.90 1
SCRGraham4:12.90 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1First Flight9:59.48 10
2Croatan10:00.92 8
3Smoky Mountain10:13.68 6
4Brevard10:19.00 5
5Forbush10:22.83 4
6Durham School of the Arts10:26.64 3
7Lake Norman Charter School10:31.75 2
8West Stanly10:33.19 1
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Triple Jump

1Peighton Simmons2017T.W. Andrews38-10 10
2Zacora McKnight2017T.W. Andrews38-1 8
3Kelsia Moore2018Cummings, Hugh M.37-8.75 6
4Kenyae Majors2017Cummings, Hugh M.37-8.5 5
5Joya Blackwell2017Hertford County35-2 3.5
5Sarah Bell2017North Brunswick35-2 3.5
7Destinee Allen2017Forest Hills34-4.25 2
8Samantha Hess2018Hendersonville33-7 1
SCRKayla Moore2017Cummings, Hugh M.36-10 --
SCRNicole Barnes2018T.W. Andrews36-5 --
SCRDajanai Harper2018Durham School of the Arts34-5.5 --
SCRAlani Rouse2018Durham School of the Arts33-9.5 --
SCRJydia Faucette2020Cummings, Hugh M.33-8.5 --
SCRAmber Shelton2017Mount Pleasant33-7 --
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Long Jump

1Nicole Barnes2018T.W. Andrews18-9.5 10
2Kayla Moore2017Cummings, Hugh M.18-9 8
3Kenyae Majors2017Cummings, Hugh M.18-7.25 6
4Kelsia Moore2018Cummings, Hugh M.18-2.5 5
5Micaiah Darity2019Hendersonville17-5.75 4
6Avion Williams2019Hendersonville17-4.75 2.5
6Marissa Longshore2017Polk County17-4.75 2.5
8Alyssa Godbey2019North Brunswick17-2.5 1
SCRAnna Vann2019Roanoke Rapids17-8 --
SCRZacora McKnight2017T.W. Andrews17-8 --
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High Jump

1Kennedy Conner2018Franklin5-5 10
2Alejandra Urraca2020Northside (2A)5-4 5.75
2Angel Bowden2020Durham School of the Arts5-4 5.75
2Anna Vann2019Roanoke Rapids5-4 5.75
2Rebeka Smith2020Franklinton5-4 5.75
6Courtney Lines2019North Brunswick5-2 1.5
6Joya Blackwell2017Hertford County5-2 1.5
6Lakayla Birst2019North Rowan5-2 1.5
6Samantha Hess2018Hendersonville5-2 1.5
SCRMegan Hamilton2019East Davidson5-4 --
SCRBrianna Sanders2019North Brunswick5-2 --
SCRKailey Brown2017North Lenoir5-2 --
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Pole Vault

1Leanna Seagraves2019Draughn11-0 10
2Lacey Triplett2018Wilkes Central9-6 7
2Netanya Linares2019Parkwood9-6 7
4Andie Hubbard2018Bandys9-0 4
4Haleigh Kanipe2019Bunker Hill9-0 4
4Sarah Brown2020Surry Central9-0 4
7Lauren Ketwitz2018Polk County8-6 2
8Alexis Lepak2017Mount Pleasant8-0 0.5
8Devin Creech2018North Brunswick8-0 0.5
SCRAmber Belanger2017Bandys8-6 --
SCRChelsea Johnson2017Durham School of the Arts8-2 --
SCRChloe Sullivan2017Ashe County8-0 --
SCRKeirsten Ledbetter2019East Rutherford8-0 --
SCRMelana Howell2020Ashe County8-0 --
SCRReagan Robinson2020East Burke8-0 --
SCRTaylor Malachowski2017Mount Pleasant8-0 --
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Shot Put

1Naadiya Faison2018Monroe45-0.5 10
2LesLeigh Tabor2017Franklin41-10 8
3Mya Roberts2017Cummings, Hugh M.39-6.5 6
4Dianthony Hall2017North Lenoir36-11 5
5Caira McClain2018East Lincoln36-8 3.5
5Chevalier Blaire2017North Rowan36-8 3.5
7Tyonna Askew2018North Brunswick36-0 2
8K Paige2018Fairmont35-11.25 1
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1Kimani Williams2017Ayden-Grifton125-11.25 10
2Maya Stanley2018Northside (2A)121-8 8
3Chevalier Blaire2017North Rowan120-3 6
4Blamo Snoh2020Durham School of the Arts118-4 5
5LesLeigh Tabor2017Franklin116-10 3.5
5Myia West2018North Surry116-10 3.5
7Naadiya Faison2018Monroe112-10 2
8Kieran Smith2017East Burke109-8 1
SCRHanna Stephens2017St. Pauls115-10 --
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Team Scores

1T.W. Andrews91
2Cummings, Hugh M.83
4Lake Norman Charter School48.5
5Durham School of the Arts35.75
6North Rowan27
9North Brunswick23.5
11First Flight18
12Southwest Onslow17
14Polk County16.5
17Northside (2A)13.75
20East Duplin10
20Smoky Mountain10
22Pasquotank County9
25Bunker Hill7
25Hertford County7
25West Stokes7
25Wilkes Central7
30Roanoke Rapids5.75
31North Lenoir5
33Forest Hills4
33Surry Central4
35East Lincoln3.5
35North Surry3.5
37NC School of Science & Math3
37West Stanly3
40Currituck County2
42East Burke1
42North Pitt1
45Mount Pleasant0.5