Coaches' Poll #2

* means a team received at least one vote for first place in their classification


1)    Green Hope *
2)    TC Roberson
3)    Watauga
4)    Ardrey Kell
5)    Cary
6)    Broughton
7)    Mount Tabor
8)    Athens Drive
9)    East Chapel Hill
10)    Millbrook

Also receiving votes: Myers Park, West Johnston, Pinecrest, Leesville Road


1)    Green Hope *
2)    Broughton *
3)    Apex
4)    Leesville Road
5)    Ardrey Kell
6)    TC Roberson
7)    Reagan
8)    Mount Tabor
9)    Myers Park
10)    South View

Also receiving votes: NW Guilford, West Johnston, Watauga, Millbrook


1)    Chapel Hill *
2)    Cardinal Gibbons *
3)    Weddington
4)    Charlotte Catholic
5)    Marvin Ridge
6)    Orange
7)    West Henderson
8)    North Buncombe
9)    Fike
10)    Jay M. Robinson

Also receiving votes: Northern Guilford


1)    Chapel Hill *
2)    Marvin Ridge
3)    Cardinal Gibbons
4)    Jay M. Robinson
5)    Nash Central
6)    Orange
7)    Charlotte Catholic
8)    East Rowan
9)    South Rowan
10)    Weddington

Also receiving votes: Forestview


1)    Carrboro *
2)    Northwood
3)    Madison
4)    Cuthbertson
5)    Topsail
6)    Owen
7)    Salisbury
8)    North Lincoln
9)    Pisgah
10)    Croatan

Also receiving votes: West Stanly, Polk County, Smoky Mountain


1)    Carrboro *
2)    Cuthbertson
3)    Surry Central
4)    Brevard
5)    West Stokes
6)    Lincolnton
7)    East Lincoln
8)    Owen
9)    Northwood
10)    First Flight

Also receiving votes: Central Davidson,  Topsail, North Lincoln


1)    Gray Stone Day *
2)    Lake Norman Charter *
3)    Hendersonville *
4)    Bishop McGuinness
5)    North Carolina School of Science & Math
6)    Robbinsville
7)    North Stokes
8)    Hayesville
9)    East Wilkes
10)    Chatham Central

Also receiving votes: Raleigh Charter, West Wilkes, Murphy


1)    Lake Norman Charter *
2)    North Carolina School of Science & Math *
3)    Robbinsville *
4)    Hayesville
5)    Bishop McGuinness
6)    Hendersonville
7)    Gray Stone Day
8)    Princeton
9)    West Wilkes
10)    Cherokee

Also receiving votes: South Stanly, Raleigh Charter, Mt. Airy, Murphy, Chatham Central, Highland School of Technology

NCISAA 1A/2A/3A Combined Girls

1)    Charlotte Latin *
2)    Forsyth Country Day
3)    Ravenscroft
4)    Providence Day
5)    Greensboro Day
6)    Cary Christian
7)    Cannon School
8)    Asheville School
9)    Cary Academy
10)    Caldwell Academy

Also receiving votes: Village Christian School, Asheville Christian School, Charlotte Country Day

NCISAA 1A/2A/3A Combined Boys

1)    Providence Day *
2)    Durham Academy *
3)    Cary Academy
4)    High Point Christian Academy
5)    North Raleigh Christian Academy
6)    Asheville Christian School
7)    Wesleyan Christian Academy
8)    Charlotte Latin
9)    Cannon School
10)    Charlotte Country Day

Also receiving votes: Asheville School, Greensboro Day, Charlotte Christian


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  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    Cardinal Gibbons had a great race at the seahawk invitational and they deserve their high ranking they have a very young team and it will be very close between them and Marvin Ridge at states. Jay Robinson is also a lot stronger of a team now that Koerwitz has come back and is running fast but im very suprised to see orange ranked so high. Charlotte Catholic deserves a much higher ranking and as of now has posted faster times than orange without their number 3 runner even runner even running. It seems that they were penalized in the coaches poll just because they did not race in NC over the weekend
  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    I like to offer an objective viewpoint and ive talked about Catholic a lot because time wise it is irritating to see our team ranked much lower than then we should be despite the time evidence that supports my case. Polls are a good way to collect and interpret data and as such this poll is a great way to see how coaches throughout north carolina regard the top teams in the state. This is also a great way to promote discussion about the sport of running and i think ben hovis does a very good job with this site in general. Obviously everything will be settled at the state meet but im often interested to know the opinions of other people who are knowledgable when it comes to NC track and field/Cross Country
  • dcfilms / 5 Years Ago
    I agree with the Catholic coach because his team should be ranked higher. Early in the season, most of the coaches probably don't check the results as well as they should. It's a lot easier when a meet like Wendy's rolls around and most of the major teams are there and then you can compare times and results much easier being in the same race. In fact, Wendy's is a good state preview. Although not all of the top teams are at Wendy's, most are. Back to the polls, in the 3A girls North Buncombe should not even be ranked based on their results, but anybody on the west side of the state knows that North Buncombe, if healthy, is the best 3A girls team in the west. They have injuries to key runners and therefore are not doing what they should be doing. If their key runners are back for the big meets at the end of the year, that is a top 5 team in the state for 3A girls. But if North Buncombe's Audrey Garret and one of their other runners do not get back to form, look for West Henderson's girls to take the 3A West title. It's between those 2 teams, nobody else is even close in the 3A girls west region.
  • blueskydwg / 5 Years Ago
    Just curious - anyone have an idea how many coaches participate in the poll? It could be as few as 4 or 5 based on the number of "other teams receiving votes"
  • trout313 / 5 Years Ago
    For the most part I agree with this poll except I dont think Marvin Ridge should be ranked #2. Cardinal Gibbons raced well but I heard that their #2 runner lost his shoe in the first 400 meters and didnt get it back until after the first mile. If he wouldn't have lost/untied/taken off his shoe in the middle of the race Cardinal Gibbons would have probably dropped at least 30 points.
  • JerksRUs / 5 Years Ago
    I think Marvin Ridge is right where they should be, and so is Cardinal Gibbons. But I do agree with Dwint192 and dcfilms on that Catholic should be ranked higher.
    I think they should be ranked atleast ranked 6th, if not 5th.
  • apeoples / 5 Years Ago
    If you would like to participate in the 2A coaches poll, please contact, and he will set you up and you can vote. There are not many in the 2A. We have need of more coaches to vote.

    I sometimes read that only certain coaches vote for a certain area. Most of us actually go to the websites and study so that we can make an informed decision and have a poll that we feel is accurate. Remember the world is run by those who show up.

    J Alan Peoples
    Head coach
    T & F and XC
    President: NCTCCCA
  • CoachHovis / 5 Years Ago
    The 3A poll has a good bit of participation - maybe about 10 coaches vote. Should there be more, of course. Drew is right, Catholic should be ranked higher, but does Catholic's coach vote? Nope. I love it when school's want their team to be higher or have more respect, but they don't get their coach to vote.

    Everyone, get your coach to vote!!!!
  • blueskydwg / 5 Years Ago
    Would love to vote in the coaches poll, but am just a lowly fan and lover of the sport. Truly appreciate all the information that is provided in mile split and the abilty to watch all the progress these dedicated young men and women achieve as the year progresses.
  • dwint192 / 5 Years Ago
    I know what our coach thinks we should be ranked so the poll is honestly more accurate in regard to catholic because our coach's vote isnt in there to skew the data. I just think itd be nice if more of the coaches looked at the times available to them through this site because it would improve this poll and make it a more accurate prediction of the actual finishing order at the state meet. Obviously its a poll so its based on opinion and every coach is entitled to their opinion it'd just be nice if they supported it with some evidence maybe like why they made their picks. Also another interesting idea would be to let any subscriber vote in a seperate poll because those who are willing to pay 36 dollars to become a subscriber obviously have a love for the sport and a desire to follow it so their opinions would more likely than not be well informed and beneficial to the site/running community as a whole
  • JerksRUs / 5 Years Ago
    dwint192 has a good idea. Although I am not a subscriber, I would consider joining if there was a pole we could participate in.
  • MaryBethLoyd / 5 Years Ago
    I think NRCA's girls team deserves be mentioned on the list. So far this season, they have beat Greensboro Day, Cannon, Cary Academy, Durham Academy, and Cary Christian.
  • GDS_Track / 5 Years Ago
    I think NRCA's girls team deserves be mentioned on the list. So far this season, they have beat Greensboro Day, Cannon, Cary Academy, Durham Academy, and Cary Christian.


    Are you sure these teams you beat were running full strength when you raced them? I know Greensboro Day was without their #3, #5, and #6 girls last week.
  • STyrey / 5 Years Ago
    Gibbons had a great race at Wolfpack, without their #1 runner. WIth # 1 runner, they would have been the first 3-A school, and have been able to place in the top three teams in the championship boy's race.