Laura Hoer - Post NXN Interview

1) When did you leave and get back?
I left on my first flight, out of Asheville, at 6:30 in the morning. I came back around 6:00 on Sunday evening.

2) How was the race itself?
The race itself was the toughest race I've ever run in before. I'm a little disappointed with my finish but to even be in the race was an honor and was exciting.

3) I've heard you're treated like royalty at NXN. Is this true?
Nike made the trip incredible. Royalty may be an understatement. It's hard to describe all that Nike did for us.

4) Who did you room with/hang out with?
I roomed with Kaitlyn Davis, another individual qualifier from Virginia. I spent most of my time with my "team" of individuals from the Southeast, as well as other individuals from all over the nation. I'm extremely thankful for the other girls from the Southeast as we grew very close over the weekend.

5) What was the coolest thing of the entire trip?
The coolest thing of the entire trip is extremely hard to choose. I became the most excited as we were able to meet several of the Nike sponsored runners. We were able to get anything signed that we wanted. While at the Tiger Woods Center there were Nike sponsored athletes everywhere. It was extremely exciting to be running on the same track as someone like Shalane Flanagan.

6) I'm sure you are still coming off the "high", so please write anything else you want. Something you'd like others to know about the experience? the trip? the hanging out? Nike? etc. Thanks.
Going to NXN has truly been a life changing event. The race itself was humbling and has taught me about racing in such a competitive field. If anyone is given the opportunity to go, or even just attempt to go, I advocate everyone to at least try. The entire experience was incredible, and I can't say enough about the kindness of everyone I met throughout my entire trip.


Photos: Courtesty Milesplit.US