Foot Locker Championships Prediction Contest

With the Foot Locker Championships this weekend and 3 North Carolina athletes running, why not bring back the Prediction Contest?

Here are some very helpful links that you may want to check out before sending in your predictions:

Regional results from Foot Locker Championships page

Milesplit.US Individual Top-25 Rankings as of December 7th

Live Webcast via Foot Locker page on Saturday

How it works:

Email me at with the following:

- Top 15 boys and girls in order of predicted finish (must predict all to be entered)
- Order of regional team finish
- Tie Breaker: winning time for both boys and girls race


How it will be scored: (bear with me through the explanation)

- 2 points if you get regional team in the correct finishing spot
- 1 points if you get athlete in the top 15 but not in the correct spot
- athlete in correct finishing spot:
* 1st place = 16 points
* 2nd place = 15 points
* 3rd place = 14 points
* 4th place = 13 points
* 5th place = 12 points
* 6th place = 11 points
* 7th place = 10 points
* 8th place = 9 points
* 9th place = 8 points
* 10th place = 7 points
* 11th place = 6 points
* 12th place = 5 points
* 13th place = 4 points
* 14th place = 3 points
* 15th place = 2 points
- Tie Breaker is cumulative time difference from the actual winning times in boys and girls race


What will you win?

The overall winner will receive a year's subscription to and Milesplit.US. Prize equal to $36 value. Winner will also receive an interview with where we'll talk about everything from running to the contest to favorite TV show to the winner's favorite music.