Colo and Hoer Will Represent NC in Portland at NXN

Photo: ( Chris Colo of Marvin Ridge seen here leading the pack at NXN Southeast.


Chris qualified for the NXN Championships to be held in Portland, OR with a 15:29 on the WakeMed course this past weekend. Previously, Chris's personal best was 15:55. Chris has burst on the scene this year and with another year of high school has potential to continue doing great things.


1) How did the race pan out for you?
I thought the race turned out great for me. My goal was to qualify for nationals and I did. I got a great start, which kept me in the front pack the whole time. The last 600m I picked off 2 runners to finish 5th with a PR of 15:29.

2) At the beginning of the season, were your goals set this high?

Actually, no. I knew we were going to run at Nike but didn't know I was going to be put into the championship race. The original goal I set for myself was to get top 5 at states and I got 2nd. After the state championship, I felt really good about the Nike regionals championship race.

3) What do you contribute to your improvement this season?

I think my starts in my races helped out a lot in my improvement. If I didn't get out as fast as I did on Saturday, I don't think I would've made it to nationals. My new eating pattern has helped, too. I really worked hard training this summer to get to this level.

4) Describe your emotions after the race. How about now?
I was really happy and I am still really excited about going to Oregon this weekend. I am counting down the days that my flight leaves AND the days until my national race.

5) Do you know who is traveling with you to Portland?
Both my parents and my sister, Caitlyn. (Who got 2nd in her open race, PR'ing) Coach Starr will also be joining us since he is the SE ambassador, our coach for the weekend. I'm really happy that everyone is going to be there to support me.


Photo: ( Laura Hoer pictured here won the 4A NCHSAA state title earlier this year


Laura Hoer of TC Roberson has had a great season. Laura clocked an 18:00 to finish 6th overall in the race. Laura jumped onto the national scene with her state title victory over Carolyn Baskir of East Chapel Hill. Look for Laura to do well in Portland as the difficult course may play to her strengths.


1) How did your race go at NXN?
My race went well at the regional meet. I didn't know what to expect going into the race, I mean obviously the competition and caliber of running was going to be at an extremely high level, but other than that I had no idea where I would fall. I didn't die on the hill at the end of the WakeMed course, which I can say with pride as it didn't happen the same way earlier in the season.

2) At the beginning of the season, were your goals set this high?
My goal at the beginning of the season was really just to break 18 minutes, I knew I wanted to make it to state and to help my team as much as I could. My team had been talking about doing NXN this year and since it was the first year we had ever endeavored to try something at this level, none of us knew what to expect. I wanted all of us to go and I will surely miss all my team, but I hope to represent them well.

3) What has been the highlight of your season?
The highlights of my season are NXN and the state meet. I am proud of myself and my team for how we stayed so close and put everything we could into both of these races. It was a great way to end my senior year.

4) Do you know who will be traveling with you to Portland yet?

Both of my parents will be coming with me to Portland.

5) Describe your excitement.
My excitement comes in waves, as I'm not sure how much the feeling has actually sunk in. It's a whirlwind of everything coming together and the trip will be one of the most exciting things I've ever been allowed to do. As my parents plan their trip and talk with extreme jealousy of my free, extremely generous accommodations, my excitement builds. It will be the farthest I've been from home and will be only my second plane ride, so it will be full of "firsts".