Senior Spotlight: Northwest Guilford Standout Rebecca Kefer Has Major Goals Outside Of Running

Although she may not be certain that she wants to continue competitive running after high school, Rebecca Kefer of Northwest Guilford knows where she wants to go to college: Cornell University. She explains, "They have a program in international agriculture and rural development." She continues, "right now I'm really focused on academics and getting into Cornell."

Kefer says, "It's my top choice since I'm interested in environmental studies and sustainability. I'd love to study new innovations in agricultural production to help the developing world. Food security is very important to me as I have been a part of the Out of the Garden Project throughout high school. This organization focuses on food security for children in Guilford County."

She continues, "Cornell's program also has Latin American study abroad potential." This appeals to Kefer since she also has "a passion for Latin American culture and Spanish."

Coming into the Guilford County Championship, Kefer owns a 19:14 meet best from her sophomore year although she clocked 18:34 on the same course. During this outing the scarlet and white Viking from Northwest dropped out of the race because of gluteus maximus issues. She revealed, "I've strained a muscle or something and I want to be very cautious. It's too bad since Hagan Stone is my favorite course. I'll be looking forward to the Greensboro Invite [another Hagan Stone race] and hope to be healthy by then." Despite her injury, Kefer describes herself as "an upbeat and positive teammate."

Back in middle school, she converted from inline skating to running when her friends encouraged her to switch. Kefer believes the endurance she developed as a skater helps her distance training. She recalls a middle school PR in the 1600 of 6:50 that she's bested by a minute in high school.

Truthfully though, she confesses, "I love running cross country. I hate track, it's my least favorite thing to do. I've done a few 10k road races too although my favorite race is the 5k." She goes on, "my team trains at Bur-Mil and I love all the trail choices there."

Kefer confides that she's very rational so she has no regular pre-race rituals. "I try really hard not to be superstitious, I guess you could say I am anti-superstitious. I don't even eat the same things before my races." With a grin she says, "No lucky socks either!" 

She continues to smile as she describes her hobby: creating hand-made items for her consignment shop in Kernersville. "I've been sewing since I was six or so and I really enjoy creating things. I make all kind of hand crafted items and sell them at my booth Stitch and Sew inside a store called Eclection."

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