Bojangles' Apex Lions Relays All-Time Top 25 List & Champions List!

Bojangles' Apex Lions Relays Entries will be LIVE on MileSplit this Saturday morning!  Sign up to watch our live stream here!  Plenty of meet records look to go down on Saturday!

Full 2017 Entries

Apex Coach Roy Cooper has kept the all-time list and meet champions list up to date over the history of the Bojangles' Apex Relays, which dates back to 1979!  Check out all the athletes and teams who can call themselves Apex Relays Champions, and also who cracked the all-time list!  It looks like a ton of meet records are ready to go down this weekend looking at the entries!

Girls All-Time Champions

Boys All-Time Champions

Girls All-Time Top 25 List

Boys All-Time Top 25 List