Boys North Carolina Indoor All-Time List Page Added!

Thanks to the help of NCPrepTrack keeping track of the All-Time Lists over the years.  List were composed based off those list, but I've double checked out database from recent years and added performances that were missed.  Eventually I'll get all these performances added to our database under archived performances and attach athlete profiles to each of the athletes on this list.  Commonly run events were documented through the top 25 All-Time athletes, and events that are normally only run at New Balance Indoor Nationals are documented through 10 athletes or teams.  Events like the DMR, Shuttle Hurdle Relays and Pentathlon only have a few teams all-time in NC history that have run the event so are not added to this list until we see more performances.  If you have any issue with this list or notice an incorrect mark or missing athlete email to be corrected.  

Girls All-Time List is being worked on and should be finished in the next week.

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